About Eisen

Founded in 2021, Eisen was built to streamline compliance programs, and help financial institutions efficiently off board customers.

The financial tech stack is not set up to efficiently aggregate and summarize customer account activity. From dormant accounts to company closures, Eisen supports banks, brokerages, payments providers, and fintech startups in staying compliant with unclaimed property regulation.

While co-founders Allen and Stephanie met in college at the Washington University, St. Louis, they reunited years later after experiences at enterprise technology and financial companies, with a mission to build tooling for operational efficiency.

Eisen is the only end-to-end Escheatment company on the market - we help companies identify dormant accounts and manage the regulatory process of closing those accounts based on the different regulations in all 50 states.

The Eisen Team

Allen Osgood

CEO & Co-Founder

Allen is a technology nerd and loves to simplify complicated things. At Eisen, he leads the company's broad strategic, revenue, and product goals. Previously, he was a product manager at Coinbase where he worked to secure, store, and move billions of dollars of custodial funds across the international network of partner banks.

Constantine Polytrev

Software Engineer

Anthony Ra

Product Designer

Jacob Kent

Software Engineer