Unclaimed Property


es • cheat • ment


the reversion of property to the state


Managing unclaimed property is complicated, manual, and resource intensive.

We work with financial institutions and startups alike to manage dormant accounts. With different reporting guidelines and timelines by state and difficult to track annual changes to policy, it's easy to slip into non-compliance.

Preserve critical resources

Managing account dormancy isn't your core business, and diverting your team's focus from their role comes at a high opportunity cost. Let the experts take this entire project off your plate.

Plug & play

No messy data analysis or integrations required. Getting started with Eisen is as easy as a file upload.

Improve the customer experience

Proactively identify dormant customers via our dashboard and reach out to reactivate or cash out the account balance. We'll even train your customer service team on handling inquiries.

Protect yourself come audit time

Staying compliant and preserving your paper trail is more important than ever. At the end of each escheatment cycle, we hand you a full audit packet for each escheated account.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our service.
What is escheatment?
Escheatment is the process of a financial institution handing over unclaimed property to the appropriate state. Property is deemed unclaimed after a period of dormancy.
What can I do to avoid escheatment?
Dormant accounts are the source of the problem. We help reactivate customers, and when we can't, we streamline the escheatment process.
How do you stay on top of evolving regulation?
We parter with top law firms, accounting firms, and professional organizations to stay on top of the latest news.
How long does it take to set up?
Minutes. Whether escheatment is your full time responsibility or one of many, you deserve to get up and running without being blocked by internal resources. We support an integration-free option to get started immediately and tighter integrations where desired.
I don't see a feature I want. How can I request something?
Yes, of course! Feel free to email