Outreach Hub

No more last second fire drills to send required customer communications. Schedule a message to send to a custom audience on a specific day or an account-specific calculated day.

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Unlock the power of outreach
automation in your workflows

Say goodbye to last-minute fire drills and bespoke requests to Compliance, Legal, and Marketing.

Send reactivation emails before escheatment using account-specific dormancy dates

Combine Eisen's Escheatment Hub and Outreach Hub to send customized messages using account-specific dormancy dates. Eisen provides the tooling to run a reactivation campaign before customers get escheated.

Create one mail merge template to send to all, some, or just a few of your customers

Use Eisen's Audience builder to define who you want to receive which messages. Eisen provides enhanced filters that use dormancy analysis and escheatment related thresholds to ensure precisely targeted customer communications.

Reuse components to create multiple campaigns that run when you want them

Create your own Sequence using Eisen's Audience, Schedule, and Template component builders. Eisen provides reusable components to make sending compliant, targeted, account-specific messages easy and auditable.

Features in Outreach Hub

Simplify necessary communications to customers with smart automations, pre-approved messaging, and reusable components.

Select an Audience

Use Eisen's customized filters to select which customers should receive your message.

Define a Schedule

Configure the message to send on a specific day to the entire audience or a calculated day per account.

Create a Template

Use mail merge tags to draft a message to send each account in the audience on the schedule.

Streamline offboarding, compliantly

See your new favorite account offboarding platform in action.
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